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Wellness Choices to Help You Balance Transformation


The one on one coaching process starts by identifying what’s currently happening in your life and where you’d like to go from there. Questions to contemplate will include: in what areas are you currently thriving and in what areas are you challenged? We want to identify where support can be created to provide more balance in all aspects of your life. Through the process, we’ll look at what’s happening in every capacity from professional to personal, work relationships, intimate relationships, family relationships and most importantly your relationship with self. A focus upon very grounded and functional elements of your life will be considered. Examples of this include: work life status, financial stability, dietary habits and choices, support systems, community networks, and overall physical health and energy levels. We will also discuss your emotional expressions and your mental processing approaches including spiritual belief systems if you relate to this.


The goal is to help you create more fulfillment and enjoyment in your life. Wellness comes from finding satisfaction and gratitude in every part of your daily experiences. Together we create systems and approaches that support you in your transformation to ultimate wellness. Through the process you will reprogram patterns and habits that no longer serve your highest good and develop new systems to achieve your most optimal being! 

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The most important element with group facilitation and trainings is to create trust within the group so that transformation can happen. Depending upon the training’s purpose, the approach will vary.  The main criteria is always in identifying how each participant can gain from the experience so they feel valued and motivated to stay present and participate. These trainings are available from small groups to large groups and within intimate retreat settings to larger corporate environments.


The first step will be identifying as a whole what the group is currently experiencing and what the short-term and long-term goals and desires are. From this baseline of information the training and facilitation will be created specifically for each group’s needs. Trainings will include a variety of approaches ranging from group discussions and lectures, breakout groups, individual and group exercises, one on one coaching and homework assignments for ongoing trainings.

Examples of group facilitation topics available include:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Relationship Communication

  • Self-worth & Empowerment

  • Communication Styles

  • Boundaries & Preferences

  • Creating Team Environments

  • Goal Setting & Time Management

  • Creating Productive Habits

  • Stress Reduction Techniques

  • Navigating Transitions

  • Healthy Nutritional Choices

  • Hands on Cooking Classes

  • Body Movement Awareness

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Yoga & Movements

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We all know that relationships go through ups and down and sometimes you need outside help in navigating these waves. Couples coaching can be useful when you’re going through challenges, but it can also be supportive in continuing to keep the sparks alive and in making things even more enjoyable together. 


Together we can look at what the strengths and challenges of your relationship are and help define what it is you want to achieve together. Examples of goals I work with couples on include:

  • Reconnecting and increasing intimacy in your relationship, which establishes deeper levels of trust

  • Developing, increasing and promoting healthy communication skills so that each person is heard and respected in a relationship

  • Identifying what the current relationship goals and needs are and how they can be mutually beneficial to both partners

  • Deepening love connections by assuring both couple’s sexual desires are being met and introducing tools that can be used and mutually empowering agreements

  • Creating healthy boundaries between couples so that each person’s individual needs are met and couples can support each other in their individual and mutual goals

  • Developing ways to de-stress the relationship, recharge together and bring fun back into the space


Couple’s coaching can be done individually or together or combo depending upon the circumstances.

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