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Gaeliel has always been inspired and motivated by personal development practices and has made it her life's journey to discover the many offerings available for transformation. She is a believer in the importance of connecting to nature and to your physical body to assist disconnecting from the monkey mind thought patterns, which can become overbearing. She incorporates many training systems into her work including yogic belief practices, shamanic earth based teachings, mindfulness mental restructuring, communication education, nutritional guidance as a professional chef and body movement awareness techniques, resulting in a well rounded system. She has found working with clients that when a person is considered as a whole, the end results tend to be much more fruitful, effective and long-lasting.  


Incorporating her Master’s of Science in Leadership with her additional training and experience, she has coached and trained employees within corporations focusing upon organizational development, conflict resolution, diversity management approaches, creative solutions, stress reduction, mindfulness practices, wellness systems and increasing productivity for sales and marketing departments. Through individual and group coaching, Gaeliel assists clients to develop specific steps for breaking unhealthy habits in thought patterns and emotional responses, how goals are developed and how they interact with others.


Additionally, Gaeliel specializes in working with women concentrating upon increasing women’s self-worth and empowerment by breaking unhealthy and destructive living routines. Her experience ranges from a broad demographic including teen girls, women in transition, domestic violence, homelessness, mental health illness, low income and single parent women. She enjoys developing and facilitating personal development topics including: boundaries, communication, emotional intelligence, self-esteem empowerment, stress reduction techniques, goal setting, time management, habit formation restructuring, nutritional education and physical body management skills.


She loves to incorporate mindfulness practices, time in nature, yogic techniques, breathing and body awareness exercises to help her clients learn how to connect to their bodies. When working with the body she enjoys developing individual systems for each person incorporating Kundalini yoga, which specialize in meditation, breath work and poses, the practice of Yin, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga and dance movement. She is a massive supporter of eating healthy and teaching others how to do this in simple easy steps!


Whenever she can she is traveling the world experiencing different cultures and learning new ways to prepare yummy meals. She loves the ocean, the mountains and the desert and you can usually find her in one of those locations!


Wellness is about finding balance in all aspects of our lives: mentally, emotionally and physically. If we avoid one of these aspects it eventually tends to bleed into other areas, until we can’t ignore it anymore. Many times we don’t notice the interconnectedness and the impact it can have on one another. Realizing that what we eat affects how we feel or how we think affects how we approach things are simple examples of the inter-dependencies we all want to be aware of. Through identifying where assistance is needed to find balance in our everyday lives, integrative wellness coaching supports developing a healthier and more joyful way of living.

Areas of Focus


Mentally: patterns, habits, belief systems, goals, intentions, processing approaches, communication styles, boundaries, personal preferences, mindfulness meditation practices, negotiation approaches, increasing self-worth and deservement beliefs


Emotionally: exploring varied levels of emotional expression, types of feelings/emotions available, understanding what healthy expressions are, emotional intelligence and the brain, internal and external emotions defined, breaking co-dependent patterns, connection to a higher purpose/goal


Physically: nutritional choices, healthy eating habits including cooking education, learning to listen to your bodies signs, balancing hormones, improving digestion, supportive physical exercises for each body type, pranayama-breathing practices, daily movement levels, yoga, dance, expressive movement systems


Master of Leadership:

South University

Bachelor of Art

International Relations:

Agnes Scott College

Bachelor of Arts German:

Agnes Scott College

International Founder & 

Independent Affiliate: 

Prime My Body

Professional Chef:

Specialized Nutritional Programs

Registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher-220RYT:

3H0 Kundalini Research Institute

 1000+hours teaching

Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher/Trainer-500RYT:

Daves Astanga Yoga

International Apprentice:

Deertribe Metis Medicine Society

Shakti Queen-Women's Way

to Lead Graduate

Amara Charles 

Landmark Forum Graduate

Vipassana Meditation

Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Quodoushka, Sacred Sexuality

Levels: I, II, III

Dance Training: 

Ballet, Indian Classical Temple Dance of Iris, Modern, Belly Dancing and House dancing

Yogic Teaching Locations:

Aveda stores, the Japanese Friendship Garden, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Yoga Phoenix, The Center for Divine Awakening, wellness centers, yoga studios, gyms, women’s shelters, outdoor adventure environments, personal retreats.


*Header photo & portrait  by Danielle Holman

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